Grooving and Turning

Ultramini, Minicut, System DED, System ZSR, System ZTP...


Mikromill, Minimill three cutting edges, Minimill six cutting edges, Circular interpolation, Disk milling cutter ...


Improve now your precision, quality and efficiency with the smallest finishing bores.


Our customers appreciate our extremely high standards of quality. Consequently we have always been producing in Germany. Together with our in-house quality assurance system and international certification in accordance with ISO 9001, we can guarantee that we will only deliver high-end products to our customers. Research and development in our in-house Technology Center, as well as projects with higher education institutions, ensure that we will provide optimal solutions in the future as well.

Always being one step ahead is our distinguishing characteristic. Being better than everything else on the market is precisely what is expected from a tool from Dümmel. We succeed in actually maintaining the technology lead that others only talk about. Where others fail, we deliver results.

However the best products are of no use to our customers if they have to wait for them. Fast availability is crucial for our customers. More than 4,000 standard articles and 10,000 special solutions attest to the breadth of our offering.