A history full of innovation

The first patents of the Duemmmel tool factory were introduced over half a century ago. Driven by his inventive developed ambition, the founding father Paul Duemmel developed products with various application areas in the early fifties. In 1951 the first wind turbine was patented. This allowed for the first time the efficient conversion of wind energy into electricity. The wind turbine stayed on the roof of the first company building for a couple of years and served as an electricity supplier.


After the company had changed from a mechanical workshop into a tool factory, also various other products were patented. These include, for example an oscillation grinding machine. This allowed for the first time to automate the oscillation movement on the grinding machines. From now on even less experienced employees could work with the very effective "pendulum motion" by grinding.

Orginalprospekt Pendelschleifmaschine(PDF)


Finally the era of carbide cutting tools began at Paul Duemmel. The first tests in manufacturing and selling tools were even earlier, in the end of the fourties. With the first braced tool patent in 1957 the later specialization of the company, was already clear. Using this tool, it was possible to do inside machining in large diameters. Then, the company Dümmel over the years specialized in the miniature machining. Thus, nowadays it is possible with tools similar nature to machine holes from 0.2 mm diameter.



Paul Duemmel Tool Company: A walk through the history:


The workshop was found by Paul Duemmel. All kind of mechanical an electrical reparation were done Bicycles and Motorbikes were sold.


First test with manufacturing braced cutting tools


The production and selling of carbide cutting tools was started


The company moved to the current headquarters


The company was transferred to Heinz Duemmel


First extension to the production building


The production and the selling of carbide cutting tools with indexible inserts were started


Karl-Heinz Duemmel took over the company in the 3. Generation


Second extension with new office


Certification according DIN IS0 9001:2000


Third extension with new production capacity


Opening of the new Dümmel technology center


Opening Plant 2 in the Daimlerstraße 16, Huelben