Grooving and Turning

Ultramini, Minicut, System DED, System ZSR, System ZTP...


Mikromill, Minimill three cutting edges, Minimill six cutting edges, Circular interpolation, Disk milling cutter ...


Improve now your precision, quality and efficiency with the smallest finishing bores.


Groove milling from a diameter of 6.0mm. The groove widths are spaced between 0.7mm and 2.0mm. All tools are available as round shank or Weldon version. The thread processing, especially for the medical field, starts from a thread of M1.6 in the standard. In addition to geometries for grooving and thread milling cutters there are also a Mikromill system.

MA6 / MA8 / MA10

full radius from Ø 4 mm

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MA3 / MA5

metric ISO-thread partial profile from Ø 1.5 mm

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MA3 / MA5 / MA6 / MA8

metric ISO-fine thread partial profile from Ø 1.38 mm

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MB6 / MB8

metric ISO-fine partial profile from Ø 6 mm

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MA4 / MA6 / MA8 / MA10

metric ISO-thread full profile from Ø 2 mm

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MA6 / MA10

Whitworth pipe thread BSP full profile

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ØDs from 12.5mm-32mm width of grove from 6mm-14mm

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