Grooving and Turning

Ultramini, Minicut, System DED, System ZSR, System ZTP...


Mikromill, Minimill three cutting edges, Minimill six cutting edges, Circular interpolation, Disk milling cutter ...


Improve now your precision, quality and efficiency with the smallest finishing bores.

Download the Dümmel offline version for your mobile device

OFFLINE Desktop Version


  1. Install this App:

    Open in Browser

  2. Then download the offline version as ZIP file
  3. Then, extract the ZIP file and navigate to the folder "Dümmel"
  4. Click on the index.html file, and select "Open in Browser"



  1. Install this App from Apple Store (iTunes):


  2. Open Safari and type this URL:
  3. Once there, the info windows will popup, please select "Open with FileApp"

  4. When FileApp is opened, please navigate to "Data and Folders > Download",
    Inside there will be a ZIP file "duemmel-offline-ios". Please click on it and select "Decompress"

  5. After decompresing, a new folder will be created,
    navigate to "duemmel-offline-ios >" and open "index" file (HTML Document)