Grooving and Turning

Ultramini, Minicut, System DED, System ZSR, System ZTP...


Mikromill, Minimill three cutting edges, Minimill six cutting edges, Circular interpolation, Disk milling cutter ...


Improve now your precision, quality and efficiency with the smallest finishing bores.

Thinkink ahead

Responsible entrepreneurship is best evidenced at Dümmel by the new company building. Starting in the planning phase high priority was placed on sustainability: Controlled intake air and exhaust air with integrated heat recovery save energy and protect the environment. The complete building is heated throughout the year with waste heat.

Rain water is diverted into cisterns and seeps into the company grounds. On the roofs a 280 kWp photovoltaic system is in operation that covers a major part of our electricity requirement in a manner that is environmentally sound. No operational wastes accrue in the grinding process in production. Coolant, as well as removed material are recycled 100 %.

The factory facade, faced with Jura limestone, outstandingly fits in our beautiful biosphere area of the Swabian Alb, as do the outdoor facilities with their managed grassland fruit trees that are characteristic of the landscape. And not least, the entire plant has been constructed by local craftsmen.